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       Aqua clothing Square ™ 7 × 24 coin-operated laundry drying and processing of water living museum


       Our Hsinchu, Taiwan technicians and management team, in the summer of 1995, began to enter into the local water fields.

After more than 13 years, Aqua clothing Square LOGO brand experience cumulative copy, product upgrades to improve in 2009, we are confident to enter the China Great

Land market, "Ha water treasure" brand as the representative of coin-operated water facilities in Shenzhen began serving the local user, and immediately

Get all the wide acclaim. To make the equipment meet the standards of China's national conditions and international drinking water, so that everyone

Clean, cheap and healthy drink of water, we continue to understand the characteristics of the continent's water, a variety of world-class research

Filter materials, the new research and development to produce healthy self-clean "function of water", a single machine more water, more quality, more

Prices kinds of self-water house equipment. After more than ten times the filtration process visible and transparent, so that the water becomes drinkable low quality water, allowing users to rest assured that the use of water access, is now the best country houses coin-operated water equipment.

       Allowing users to enjoy fast and health exclusive laundry services, health drink clean water; let partners offer both peace of mind and lucrative living museum, the National People's Services;


       On "creating value for our partners."

       Today's busy social life environment, fast-paced work pace, making migrant workers, office workers, a single person, a family of three without the extra time and effort on the busy home clean, tidy and hygienic dress makes everyone closer together, dry cleaners have become increasingly important areas of life helper. But these stores are the first unified lotion pick the clothes for three days and time consuming business and holidays closed, can no longer meet the increasing requirements of the user's personal hygiene and can dress Lidengkequ easy life, so we 7 × 24 hours coin / swipe Self Laundry drying and processing of water living museum came into being, the project is currently in the sunrise industry, is one of the most stable industry, equipment investment can be a one-time business for many years, white-collar workers, students, families, dormitory and other consumer fixed and can not change with the markets or the economy arising from fluctuations in an all-cash operating accounts do not annoy reminder, the current European and American, Japan, Korea, Taiwan streets especially students dormitory single apartment and government agencies and organizations everywhere visible, we can foresee a coin-operated laundromat will be like the past, street vending machines, water stations will be the same as in recent years, the most fiery profitable industry.


       On "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service"

       We believe that integrity is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is a prerequisite to solve the problem, the cause of innovation is the development tool, the service is to create a fundamental value.

       On "Aqua clothing Square"


       Shenzhen Aqua clothing Square Co., Ltd. was established in June 2012 was established in Shenzhen Bao'an District, we developed and produced 7 × 24 coin / card-style buffet plus water house a number of national patents, with "Bao Ha Water ™" "Aqua clothing Square ™" and other trademarks, has the world's largest and most high-quality laundry equipment distributor in Shenzhen and the national agency SpeedQueen qualifications ...... more importantly, we have a precious core expertise technical team, rapid response capabilities and market high execution efficiency.

       Aqua clothing Square ™ National Franchise mode, we carefully study the laundry water production and processing technology, the need to integrate family life, as well as the actual situation of the entrepreneur and the country's first model. The production of drinking water produced by the process of hard water collection stored, the water needs for self-service laundry facilities, in order to achieve water-saving environmental protection purposes; the winter home laundry drying more benefits and drinking water in summer both earnings more unified, strong annual income reaches purposes; the more expensive facade apportionment two projects for the purpose of weakening the risk; the lack of funds shop personal intensive training in order to find a partner to reach a cooperative shop business venture purposes; tiny network of resources to achieve convergence scattered storefront national brands of clothing Square ™ target ...... Aqua engaged in a laundry Canadian water-related industries in Taiwan the mainland more than ten years of experience to provide the most professional self-service laundry drying dry and water equipment and processing technology and assist in the opening and the entire plan, and provide a complete business direction and strategy, whether you own a store or shop lease, are not required to worry about from the exhibition shop plan to hardware and software, we offer to you a high quality environment, complete facilities, counseling someone to make your more handy, and look forward to welcome you to join.

       Aqua clothing Square ™ 7 × 24 coin-operated laundry drying and processing of water living museum business has a very stable investment returns and lower risk, when you decide to invest in clothing Square Aqua ™, you is to choose a strong the strong profit partners and credible quality product, which is what you earned and towards the beginning of a successful career.

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